Top stylishly scrumptious wedding cakes


You naturally only want the best for your wedding day – the best dress, invitations, catering and of course the best wedding cake!

So we only have the best on show for you! We’re sharing creative wedding cake designs to inspire your big day and to instil a little cake envy in all of your guests and fellow brides!




Wedding Cake Tradition

One of the first activities for the bridal couple to perform once they are officially married is to cut the cake. The cutting of the wedding cake is a time-honoured tradition where the bride and groom demonstrate their support for one another. Many different meanings and symbolism behind this tradition has emerged over the years. However most commonly, the wedding cake and cutting ceremony is said to bring good fortune and luck to the bridal couple and their guests. This important moment within the wedding festivities takes pride of place amongst the tossing of the bouquet and the first dance. The wedding cake is so engrained into tradition that some people are of the belief that it just isn’t a wedding without there being a cake.

The cake itself and the cutting of the cake provide for perfect photo opportunities for the official wedding photographer, family and friends to take a few happy snaps of the couple at their wedding reception.



Wedding Cake Styles and Designs

As your wedding cake will be a focus throughout the celebrations and heavily photographed it should seamlessly tie in with your wedding theme and the styling of your reception. This is why it is important to do your research on the design and style of cake that will best suit your big day well before meeting with a baker. There are tons of wedding cake ideas out there so as with anything it is highly beneficial to have some foundation as to what you do and don’t like when it comes to cake designs.


Traditional Vs. Modern

To help you in your search we’ll share everything from traditional wedding cakes to current trends. Get inspired with modern wedding cakes, or even find our top suggestions for cake alternatives if following tradition isn’t really your thing. Such as charming cupcake towers or even scrumptious pie dishes!

There are so many different wedding cake decorations out there and we’ll cover them all from unique and quirky to sheer glamour. Think glorious flower decorations and eye-catching toppers for the perfect finish.

Got the design figured but not sure on flavour? We’ll list the most popular flavours for your cake to have your wedding guests drooling because wedding cakes need not only look good they also need to taste good!


Aside from all the inspiration on how the cake looks and tastes we’ll also show you handy tricks to keep costs down.  Affordable wedding cakes don’t need to skimp on style or quality.

So for every piece of information and all the inspiration you are going to need for your cake planning, beginning your search for the best wedding cakes here is a must.