12 Reasons To Love Chocolate Cake

12 Reasons To Love Chocolate Cake

There are many great cakes baked in the world today. There’s Norway’s beloved National Cake, named the World’s Best Cake by the Norwegians (of course). There’s the colorful Funfetti classic that graces so many of our birthdays. And, the burnt almond torte that makes Pittsburgh one of our favorite cities in America. We love all of these cakes, partly because the more cakes in existence the better place the world will be, but mainly because they taste good.

But no matter how much we love these cakes, at the end of the day all we really want is chocolate. Chocolate cake comes in many shapes, sizes and textures — and we adore them all. Scratch that, we’re obsessed with them all.

And we know we’re not alone. It’s why there is a food holiday dedicated to this single cake — January 27th, in case you want to celebrate with a chocolate cake, which you obviously should. And it’s why we wrote this food a love letter today (and not one for our spouses). Here it goes.


  1. Delicious
  2. Help us feel better
  3. Moist
  4. Double chocolate
  5. Bundt cake
  6. Chocolate mousse cake
  7. One year old birthday’s are never the same
  8. Black forest cake
  9. Double dutch chocolate cake
  10. Anniversaries… of course
  11. Triple layer cake
  12. Deep and delicous??? Sure why not?