First Steps: How to Plan Your Wedding Beauty Regimen?

First Steps: How to Plan Your Wedding Beauty Regimen?

Planning a wedding is not just choosing a date and a venue.  A bride is expected to look gorgeous, picture-perfect, no matter how much wedding-stress she has gone through. If you are the would-be bride after six months, this is the right time to start your beauty regime. Yup! You heard it correct. Six months before the wedding date is the perfect time to get that ultimate, blushing and glowing look on your face. So, here a few of col tips that can kick-start your wedding beauty regimen and make you feel proud on your special day. 

1. Goal-Setting after a thorough analysis 

The first step to planning a beauty regimen is to analyze your flaws. Is your skin damaged? Do you have hair loss or greying problems? Do you suffer from any make-up allergies? Try to find out more about yourself, and the next task will be easy. Set defined goals as to how you would like to see yourself on your special day. Some beauty procedures require a considerable amount of time, and so, you will have to step further accordingly. Along with the specified time, set a budget. You do not have to pour down all your savings in the beauty regimen. Talk to the industry experts and get the best quote possible.

2. Your skin needs special care 

If you are stressed out due to wedding preparations and the stress is reflecting on your face, then you need to head to the best spa in the city and get a facial done. Apart from special skin treatments, you also need to incorporate a daily regimen of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. You will thank yourself for practicing this self-care routine religiously. When it comes to make-up, set up regular trials to avoid chaos on a significant day. If your salon experts are efficient, they will know how to take care of the same.

3. Get Your Hair Done In Advance 

A facial and excellent skin treatment is great for the glowing face. But what if you have hair problems like hair fall, greying or thinning? Or do you want to grow your hair so that you can have a beautiful hairstyle on the wedding day? Then, your hair-growth journey begins now. Another essential tip is not to experiment with your dream hairstyle on the wedding day itself. Visit your salon and try out different hairstyles. You can browse for a mobile hairdresser sydney and ask for their unique wedding hairstyles.

4. Don’t Neglect Body Care Routine 

Hydrate your body skin by drinking sufficient amount of water. Moisturize it daily with a good body lotion that also has a sun protection factor (if you live in a sunny place). Always apply an excellent quality body lotion after your bath when you pat dry your body. This is the perfect time to lock the moisture in your skin. But before that, don’t forget to get rid of the unwanted hair on your body. Ditch the traditional methods of hair removal like shaving or waxing. Head towards a good, reputed salon for an easy and safe hair removal process.

5. You are what you eat 

Haven’t you been reading this lately? Eat wholesome, fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, salads, super-foods like avocados, and walnuts. The foods you eat will nourish your skin and hair from within. Avoid processed, sugary foods that will bloat or fatten you.

6. Hit the Exercise Floor 

If you want to wear that beautiful backless or strapless wedding gown you admire, then you need to tone your body. A weight-training schedule for six months before the wedding time will sculpt your muscles and enhance your skin tone too. Do not exert too much. Just spend a few minutes in a full-body workout every morning, followed by a healthy breakfast. So, planning a wedding beauty regimen seems to be a daunting task for the would-be brides, but you can add a little excitement in it. Power-pack your schedule by following the five tips listed above. You can add a lot to the beauty regimen, depending upon your preferences but the basics are the must! 

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