Give a Soul to Your Traditional Indian Wedding with these Expert Tips

Give a Soul to Your Traditional Indian Wedding with these Expert Tips

Indian weddings are always a big deal. Nothing about an Indian wedding is small and simple. It is basically a show of glamour of traditions. There are various states in India and each state has its own customs and rituals. These traditional customs and rituals give soul to an Indian wedding. Without these the show is incomplete. Indian wedding is huge as it claims to bring both “western” and “Indian” culture together. Which is true if we look at the depth of it. To be precise Indian weddings are a line-up of various traditions and ceremonies. The dancing and singing bring life to these. Cocktail parties, bachelorette parties, and receptions have become a new trend which has been adopted from Western culture.

The secret behind a successful Indian wedding

Every Indian wedding is a big fat wedding. Hundreds of relatives on the guest list. Multiple cuisines and variety of dishes from traditional Indian thali to the Indo-Western fusion dishes everything is available on the plate. People in India often remember the wedding by its food. Hence a successful wedding is the one which tops the quality of food.

But what are the tips which will actually give a soul to the Indian wedding?

A wedding is supposed to be the best day of the bride and the groom. Hence this big day becomes more special depends on various factors. Let us discuss some of the beautiful ideas which will make cherishable moments for the bride and the groom.

  • Invitation Cards: The journey of a happy wedding begins from beautiful wedding invitations. The old paper style invitations are out of date now. Outrageously fancy invitation boxes are sent to the relatives in order to make it look the Bollywood style.
  • Destination Wedding: This is a trend which is growing day by day. In India cities like Udaipur and Jodhpur are the most famous destinations for an Indian wedding. Wedding in a place or an expensive hotel makes it look fancier. Some people also choose an exotic foreign destination in order to make it more special. Not only this mandap hire is done at fancy places and remple to make it look more authentic.
  • The Bridal Wear: For a bride, there is nothing more important than her wedding lehenga. The traditional lehenga with the traditional ornaments just makes the bride look the best on her special day. With the growth in the fashion industry, the wedding lehengas are now the most expensive thing about an Indian wedding. But if the bride shines the whole wedding shines.
  • The Guest List: One of the most important parts of the Indian wedding is the wedding guest list. The heavy guest list is the main strength of an elite family in India. People who attend the wedding reflects the stature and power of the host.
  • The Wedding Food: Indian wedding are also about wedding food. This is one of the main parts of any wedding. With the growing time, there have been many changes in the Indian wedding menu. From the traditional food now the diversion is towards western food. In any Indian wedding, people now can find the food items available throughout the Indian states. Along with that, the western food has also been included in the menu.
  • Customs and Traditions: There are various states in India and each state has its own traditions. These traditions bring life to the whole wedding. Each custom displayed in the wedding has a meaning and this meaning makes every marriage a successful one.
  • Pre-Wedding Functions: Ever heard of “Sangeet” and “haldi” in an Indian wedding. These are a few pre-wedding festivities which are enjoyed literally by each member who is attending the wedding. The Indian wedding DJs on Sangeet are the fun of all. Mehandi is another function which is very auspicious and important.
  • Theme Wedding: Nowadays every function of the wedding is decided according to a theme. The guests and the family members are supposed to dress up according to these themes. This is kind of fun which brings joy to the whole wedding.

These are some of the few things which makes an Indian wedding the most memorable and the most controversial as well.    

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