Letterpress DIY Wedding Invites

Letterpress DIY Wedding Invites

These do it yourself wedding invites were made with the Epic Combo Kit that was sent to me to craft with recently. I’m really loving it and I don’t think there is anything else quite like it. Up until now, the letterpress printing method was only left to professionals but now you can do it at home! Plus embossing and die cutting too. Below is my “how-to” and review of the kit plus some tips for you. I also made some wedding favor tags with it that used both the cutting and printing. The invite the the right is and example from the Lifestyle Crafts blog and uses the Custom Printing Plate for the invite text. I’m sharing this so you can see how you can create actual letterpress invites for your own wedding. Since I didn’t order a custom printing plate, my examples below will be more simple, using the materials that came with the kit.

Basic instructions for letterpress invites, cards, thank-yous, etc:

Letterpress kit diy letterpress invites

First, I selected a few of the plastic printing plates (a flower and “thank you” text) and positioned them with the size paper I was using. Once I was happy with the layout, I added adhesive foam backed strips around the paper so I could put more paper down in the same exact spot for additional prints.

Adding ink inking letterpress

Using the ink brayer I inked the flower and text printing plates, closed the flap and then ran the whole thing through the crank machine, that simply squishes it. By squeezing it, it embosses the paper and prints onto it at the same time.

Epic six wedding thank you letterpress

That above “thank you” print is the first ever that I attempted. Pretty good for the first try! The letterpress kit came with only black ink (you can buy other colors) so I improvised and used markers made especially to color stamps. The ones I used with great luck were Marvy Markers, Dee Gruening Signature Series markers that I got at a craft store. Using these gave a transparent, light watercolor look which I liked. It was easy to isolate different colors this way too.

Markers letterpress multi colors

I also tried using acrylic paint, but it didn’t have good results and it bled and didn’t give crisp edges. It is probably ideal to stick with the oil based paint that is made for the machine. You can mix colors together to get your exact wedding colors you want.

Letterpress thank you wedding hello card

The “Hello” card is another example that I made using the markers as ink. This is a totally differnt (and some would say wrong) look than traditional letterpress ink, but I rather like it.

More homemade cards diy wedding letterpress

Be sure to let it sit to dry. The instructions said that the ink dries within minutes, but the ones I tested using the black ink provided took a couple hours to dry completely without smudging. As far as clean up, they suggest you use their clean up wipes, but I found that diaper wipes (or any other wet wipe) worked really well. Washing with soap and water does not work as this is oil based paint. You have to just wipe it off, it is not water soluable. All in all I think this is a fun machine, like none other out there. You really can’t get letterpress cards any other way other than hiring a professional (who has a giant and expensive letterpress machine) to do it. It isn’t fool proof though, took some experimenting for sure. If you want additional printing tips, I found LBoxcar Press review to be very helpful. Go back to the Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations section for more DIY instructions and projects.

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