What To Write In A Wedding Speech

What To Write In A Wedding Speech

Writing a wedding speech can be a really difficult task: depending on your role in the wedding itself, you could be called upon to discuss the bride, the groom, or both together. Speeches should be memorable, but not too long— funny but not irreverent, full of warmth but not overly sweet or saccharine. That would be a tall order for a professional speech writer, and yet, this level of deft writing and quality performance is expected of a great deal of people whose only qualifications for public speaking involve being related to, or a close friend of, one or more people who decided to get married. That’s an incredible amount of pressure for just a few minutes before a toast. Fortunately, you don’t have to go in to writing a wedding speech blind: here are some important points for you to hit.

This Couple Has Something Special

Whether you’re using a quote from a favorite book, movie, song, or celebrity, or else just telling a story about the bride or groom, when writing a wedding speech it is important to remember to tie what you’re reading or talking about back in to the idea that the relationship between the bride and groom is unique and worthy of celebration and praise. Focus this point around how well the bride and the groom compliment each other in outlook and demeanor, how much they clearly care about each other, and the way they treat each other well.

Foreshadowing The Marriage

If you choose to foreshadow the marriage when writing a wedding speech, think back to a time when the bride and groom first began their relationship, in the initial weeks where they were truly starting to fancy each other. If either the bride or the groom confided in you about how the other might be “the one,” or you noticed changes (for the better) in the way the bride or groom acted or treated other people, that is the perfect anecdote. Every bride and groom enjoys hearing that their marriage seemed to be almost predestined, that it was clear at every step that the bride and the groom were two people who were meant to be together, no matter what else happened. Foreshadowing allows you to make that clear in a really entertaining and engaging way.

Wishing The Bride And Groom Well

When you are writing a wedding speech, you are not finished unless you have taken the time to include wishes for the bride and groom’s happy, prosperous, and love filled future. Most wedding speeches end with a toast, and you need to have something to toast about other than to the generic honor of the bride and groom. Talk about how happy they make each other, and wish them a lifetime of continued happiness; weddings are one of the few times in life where it seems we focus on the way that, sometimes, good things happen to good people. Use this focus to share your hopes for the future; after all, the future is really what a wedding ceremony is about. Once you have wished them well for the rest of their lives together, it’s all downhill from there: all that is left for you to do is raise a glass and offer a toast to the lucky couple.

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