Asian Wedding Favors

Asian Wedding Favors

Deciding on Asian wedding favors for your wedding does not necessarily mean that you are of an Asian decent. Asian inspired weddings are becoming more and more popular these days. You may be one of those people who believe in Asian ideologies or you are simply attracted by their unique decors and ornaments, enough for you to choose an Asian inspired wedding theme. Whatever the reasons may be, you need to have wonderful, one of a kind  wedding favors to give to your guests. Choosing an ideal wedding favor is important as this would show your guests that you value their presence in the most important event in your life. Asian wedding favor ideas are plentiful. You can get them from online and offline businesses. You can even make them yourself. This would show your guest that you have taken great pains to make this occasion memorable.

Newlyweds with guest on their garden party

Paper lanterns and folding hand fans are most suitable wedding favors.  You can easily buy these favors from online suppliers but wouldn’t it be more ideal if you can do them yourself? Ask a few friends to help you make these favors. Lighted paper lanterns and intricately decorated folding fans may also be used as table decorations in the reception area. Just attached a “Thank You” card and the guests can bring them home once the wedding party is over. Delight your guests with a silk fortune cookie box. These boxes may have the traditional fortune cookies with personalized name tags of guests printed instead of fortunes. The cookie box may also contain candies or almonds instead of real fortune cookies. You may opt to fill these cookie boxes with real fortune cookies. Imagine the fun your guests will have when they eat the cookies and read their fortunes.

Chopsticks tied with red ribbons, the lucky color of Asians, is a favorite wedding favor. Every time the chopsticks are used, your guest will be reminded of the fun they had at your wedding. Another popular wedding favor is the Sake. Your guests will surely appreciate a bottle of this Asian alcoholic drink especially if the drink is inside a Chinese take out box or if the bottle is wrapped in red silk and tied with a red ribbon. These Asian wedding favors need not burn a hole in your pocket. You just need to do some research to find the supplier that offers these unique favors at the most affordable price.

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